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Study area for GET training! Gymball Evo Training ® with the qualification of GET! Instructor

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We thank you for giving us your trust and having chosen to become GET! Instructor Qualified. Keep your login and password to access this area and in case of loss, send us an email to to request the new credentials or the sending


the old ones. Carefully study all the videos of the course (with audio in Italian and subtitles in your language), the slides (in Italian, Spanish and English) in video format and the book in pdf (Italian, Spanish and English). Afterwards you can contact us for a videocall to answer your questions and doubts. Finally, take the written exam, of 10 closed-ended questions (find the link at the bottom of this page in your language *). Once completed you will receive the certificate with the title of GET! Instructor Qualified via email, but you will always be able to access all the material on this page to review and improve more and more.

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Slides in Spanish

Slides in English

Slides in Italian

Video 2 - GET! GAG & GET! Body


Video 1 - Complete introduction

Video 3 - GET! Cardio & GET! FusionThe


Video 6 - GET! Gymball Evo Training and ball 'GET! -Tonkey '

Video 4 - GET!

FuriousThe methodology

Video 5 - GET! Gymball Evo

Training ® ​The stosia and the brand

Video 7 - GET! GAG &

GET ! Body Example lesson structure

Video 8 -

GET! Cardio Example lesson structure

Video 9 -

GET! Fusion Example lesson structure

Video 10

- Furious Example lesson structure

Video 11 -

GET exercises! Section A

Video 12 -

GET exercises! Section B

Video 13 -

GET exercises C

Video 14 -

GET Exercises! Section D

Video 15 -

GET Exercises! Section E (COOL DOWN)

Video 16 - GET

LESSON! Exercise progression example

Below, to give you of the even more complete examples of lessons ions, you will find some videos also available on our youtube channel, but selected for you, to make clear and simple some elements that can be viewed in these videos and to give you even more concrete practical examples.

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