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Pietro Fornara, 10, 28100 Novara - ITALY

Reserved area for the qualified instructor GET! Gymball Evo Training ®

Monday ì 8.00 -18.00 Tuesday ì 8.00 -18.00 Wednesday ì 8.00 -14.00
Thursday ì 8.00 -14.00Friday ì 8.00 -14.00Saturday 8.00 -14.00

Thank you for trusting us and choosing to become GET! Instructor Qualified. Keep your login and password to access this area and in case of loss, send us an email to to request the new credentials or sending the old ones.

+ 39 389 830 38 21

Like any registered trademark and legally protected, it is necessary to comply with the laws on registered trademarks in order to avoid incurring lawsuits

and penalties. The rules of the GET! Gymball Evo Training trademark and of the method, also registered through the various publications with ISBN, are the following and their violation will entail the aforementioned action.


Copyright 2021 © Davide Zanichelli Right Reserved.

The GET! Instructor course provides for the mandatory acceptance of the following clauses. 1. GET! Gymball Evo Training is a REGISTERED Trademark and its reproduction or use outside the rules described below is prohibited. It

is forbidden to reproduce t-shirts, caps and anything else, as indicated above, totally or partially bearing the wording GET! Gymball Evo Training and the brand itself.3. It is

also forbidden to modify or plagiarize the brand as per the terms 4. Only GET!

Gymball Evo Training certified instructor can give classes can give GET! GAG, GET! Body and GET! Cardio, GET! Fusion and GET! Furious classes and advertise them through all media channels , including Social Networks 5. The lessons will

be held according to the methodologies and principles learned during the GET! Gymball Evo Training Instructor training course. 6. The GET! Gymball

Evo Training course uses exclusively the GET Gymball ! -Tonkey, a product of Ledragomma srl. The use of other non-approved balls for GET! 7 lessons is prohibited. In addition to

the Gymball GET! -Tonkey, only the use of an exercise mat from a lying position is allowed within the course. The GET course! does not use dumbbells, elastics, weights and anklets8.

The instructor GET! It undertakes to respect the following regulation, otherwise it will be considered responsible for the unauthorized and improper use of the trademark and method, violating the Copyright and Trademark rights. (this


is also shown in the slides of the training course)

Below, to give you of the even more complete examples of lessons ions, you will find some videos also available on our youtube channel, but selected for you, to make clear and simple some elements that can be viewed in these videos and to give you even more concrete practical examples.

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